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What We Do

Bring focus to your business or organization to help you sell more, save more, reach prospective customers, understand key viewpoints, be more responsive, and be seen in a more positive light. Ideas worth discovering.

Our Services

Focus Groups

Mined Insights Consulting is equipped to conduct traditional in-person focus groups in a state-of-the-art facility or at a location defined by you…more

Online Focus Groups

We provide webcam technology allowing your clients to sit “virtually” around a focus group table and participate via computers…more

Consumer/Market Research

Mined Insights Consulting can assist you with focus groups in a setting that allows for your specific product testing needs…more


We offer certified MBTI training and counseling, offering a wide variety of MBTI team workshops to fit your group’s needs…more


Mined Insights Consulting offers trainings that are tailored to fit your needs, whether focus group training or consumer/market research…more

Mined Insights - Focus Groups


Why Choose Us?
  • We have close to two decades of experience conducting focus groups, qualitative research, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator training and counseling sessions.
  • We work with clients to design and implement effective and successful focus groups that yield YOUR answers.
  • We are client-centered and results-oriented.
  • We love what we do.
What Our Clients Say

For over 10 years, RMC Health has benefited from Mined Insights Consulting’s reliable, thoughtful, and tailored services. Martha’s expertise, professionalism, and personal style have made qualitative evaluation an essential part of our learning experience and program improvement. Martha always comes through to meet our needs while assuring our clients are valued and heard.

— Jill E, RMC Health, Lakewood, CO