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Martha is one of the best listeners I know.  And the amazing thing is that even people who don’t know her know it, as soon as they’re in her presence. She exudes it. I see her get around groups of people and they just open up like flowers, knowing that they’re being heard.  Not judged, just heard.

— Daniel W, Director, Center for Digital Storytelling

Martha has a way of bringing out the best in everyone, primarily through encouragement of others’ gifts.  She is secure enough in her own strength to allow others to feel safe in finding their own.

— Susan H, Centennial, CO

Martha with Mined Insights Consulting, LLC, put our staff at ease with her down-to-earth, fun and friendly personality.  She was able to quickly understand what we wanted to achieve. With her expertise, we were able to bring the project to fruition within a short turn around time.

— Mondi M, PhD, Community Enterprise, Commerce City, CO

From the first conversation to the final report, Martha was wonderful to work with and exceeded our expectations. Her approach was clear, organized, and professional. She asked probing questions, facilitated a productive planning session, and encouraged us to examine issues in a creative, strategic way.  I was particularly impressed by her moderating skills. Martha engages people and uncovers real insights. As a client, I am glad that we chose the services of Mined Insights Consulting, LLC because Martha is professional yet easy to work with and personable. I would highly recommend Mined Insights Consulting for any consumer/market research project.

— Susan G, Denver, CO

I participated in a digital storytelling workshop Martha conducted as part of a Rocky Mountain PBS program on access to healthcare.  It was a very moving experience for me.  Martha tactfully and caringly guided me through a very personal process of writing and recording my health story.”

— Kim R, Denver, CO

Focus Groups

Martha’s charismatic nature and passion shine through when leading discussions and through focus group facilitation.  Her natural style and positive energy add so much as a facilitator, which has led to high quality consumer/market research results. I am anxiously waiting for the day I get to work with Martha again!

— Lindsey B, New York, NY

We have contracted with Martha several times to facilitate focus groups and to prepare the resulting reports.  She was always prompt, professional, and provided excellent insights in her analysis of the data.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to have stress-free focus groups, from beginning to end.

— Dan L, Director, Health and Learning Resource Center at RMC Health, Lakewood, CO

Martha has a tremendous gift for focus group facilitation. She is able to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, and does so in a way that makes them feel comfortable and feel like their opinions matter. Observing Mined Insights Consulting’s work in this setting has made me realize the value and richness of qualitative and consumer-focused, market research.

— Chrissy S, Dept of Health and Exercise Science, Ft. Collins, CO

We are very pleased with Mined Insights Consulting’s work on the key informant interview project. The interviews, data analysis, and resulting report were informative and of high quality.

— Patricia L, PhD, QualQuest, LLC, Lakewood, CO

Online Focus Groups

We selected Mined Insights Consulting because Martha offered an ideal package of services combined with high quality professionals. Our customer service focus groups involved long standing clients in the health field- both providers and patients. We needed honest provider/patient input for reality-based health care services we were designing, and with Martha’s assistance, we got exactly what we hoped for.

— Kellie T, Denver, CO

Consumer/Market Research

From recruitment to final report, Martha Tenney with Mined Insights Consulting, LLC successfully facilitated 4 focus groups representing large corporations in Boston, MA and Denver, CO. Our client, a nationally-known healthy frozen meals manufacturer, watched the focus groups from a one-way mirrored comfortable viewing area in the professional focus group facilities that Martha arranged for us. The immediate feedback from the focus groups allowed this client to make quick decisions about a strategy they were considering offering to large companies nationwide. Mined Insights Consulting does excellent work and I recommend them highly to any company seeking focus group assistance.

— Mercedes M, Aurora, CO

Our research team wanted to learn about health-related beverage drinking behavior from “Successful Losers,” people who had lost thirty pounds or more and were able to keep it off for one year or longer.  We hired Martha Tenney with Mined Insights Consulting, LLC to lead and organize all aspects of the focus group process.  She conducted two focus groups in a professional focus group facility conveniently located in downtown Denver.  From a private viewing area we were able to be present “anonymously” as the focus groups took place, discuss what we were hearing, and know that we were on track with our questions and able to work with the results. Martha did an outstanding job managing all aspects of the project.

— Vicki C, UC-Denver

Martha is a talented, insightful, resourceful, and extraordinarily intelligent qualitative researcher and consumer/market research specialist. I was involved with a multitude of projects with Martha and no one compares in terms of her attention to detail, follow through, and diligence to “get it right.” Always a pleasure to work with!!!

— Mary B, PhD, Center for Creative Leadership/HealthYou! Colorado Springs, CO

Martha helped me outline and set up the focus groups I conducted as part of market research for my tofu company. I would have been completely lost without her expert guidance. Her immense body of work conducting focus groups was apparent and made the process painless and successful.

Martha’s ability to translate focus group theory to all industries was impressive. Without her help the market research I conducted for my tofu business would not have been as successful as it was.

— Dan B, Owner, MOFU Soy, St. Louis, MO, www.mofusoy.com


Martha Tenney with Mined Insights Consulting, LLC has a keen talent for identifying and enhancing effective group development in the workplace. I gained important and useful insight about myself and how to better communicate with co-workers during a Myers-Briggs workshop that Martha led with her unceasingly friendly, energetic and encouraging style. The workshop included the MBTI assessment, activities that were both enlightening and fun, and information relevant to our work situation that we could utilize as a team.

— Sarah S, AMC Cancer Research Center, Denver, CO

I work in international business with a diverse group of people. Not only do the “usual” communication challenges arise, but also the challenges of cultural diversity at our company. Martha Tenney provided a Myers-Briggs training that was brilliant, the result of which was the achievement of a whole new level of understanding of how each of us as individuals communicate and the strengths we each bring to our company. The quality of teamwork in our organization increased dramatically following Martha’s session.

— David D, Denver, CO


I have had the pleasure of working with Martha Tenney for several years and her communication style was gentle, comfortable, yet professional. She was culturally respectful and appropriate to my community, American Indians, at all times. She is a valuable resource and asset to public health work.

— Linda B, Founder, Native American Cancer Research Corporation, http://www.NatAmCancer.org