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Mined Insights Consulting offers REAL-TIME online focus groups...

Mined Insights - Online Focus GroupsTraditional, in-person focus groups are a useful type of qualitative research/evaluation tool that answers your questions with participants all in the same room on-site, often in a professional focus group facility.

Clients can view/listen to the focus groups from an adjoining room separated with a one-way mirror in “real time” or view or listen to a digital audio or video recording of the session.

If you have distance and/or time constraints for you, your clients, and/or your focus group participants to be able to physically go to a focus group meeting location, you may want to consider a different option – online focus groups.

Mined Insights - Online Focus Groups

With the aid of webcam technology, your clients/ participants of interest will sit “virtually” around a focus group table and participate via computers in their home settings in a videoconference or web conference format.

In the same fashion that we organize the classic “in-person” focus groups, Mined Insights Consulting can coordinate and facilitate these “real time” online focus groups for you.  The same 3 steps of the Focus Group Process apply to online focus group planning, without the need for people to travel TO your focus group sessions.

We selected Mined Insights Consulting because Martha offered an ideal package of services combined with high quality professionals. Our customer service focus groups involved long standing clients in the health field- both providers and patients. We needed honest provider/patient input for reality-based health care services we were designing, and with Martha’s assistance, we got exactly what we hoped for.

Kellie T, Denver, CO


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