Consumer/Market Research

Focus groups are a great way to get consumer feedback on a product or service.

Mined Insights Consulting can assist you to learn from your consumers to improve your services and products.  Let us help you design and facilitate your focus groups in a setting that allows for your specific product testing and service feedback/input needs.

Product Testing Examples: 

  • Focus group participants taste test your new healthy beverage product and give consumer feedback.
  • Participants cook/prepare your new healthy frozen meals product in a private viewable kitchen at a focus group facility as you observe.
  • Participants examine your new cat litter product in comparison to competition products and give feedback on important marketing elements to consider.

Service Feedback/Input Examples

  • Participants review elements of your proposed new health and fitness center and get feedback on what is important to them in order to join and sustain their membership.
  • Participants offer input on what to include in a marketing campaign for smoking cessation for teenagers.
  • Participants review sections of your web-based new organic produce delivery service and give feedback on changes needed to increase sales.

We partner with focus group facilities nationally to offer services that best fit your consumer research needs.


Martha is a talented, insightful, resourceful, and extraordinarily intelligent qualitative researcher and consumer/market research specialist.  I was involved with a multitude of projects with Martha and no one compares in terms of her attention to detail, follow through, and diligence to “get it right.”  Always a pleasure to work with!!!

— Mary B, PhD, Center for Creative Leadership/HealthYou! Colorado Springs, CO

Mined Insights - Consumer/Market Research